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Social Responsibility

Project "Amigos do Bem"

Startec believes that social responsibility is the duty of all individuals and all businesses. Must be exercised so that quality of life is no longer just a politically correct term but rather it is strengthen by this reality that is increasingly present in a major number of Brazilian homes.

According to this, it participates personally and as a direct partner of "ONG Amigos do Bem", which works with assistance activities specifically in the northeastern back lands, where there is an extreme lack of resources and it presents the deepest misery. "Amigos do Bem" promotes educational and self-sustainable programs, aiming social development for local communities, seeking to eradicate hunger, poverty and illiteracy, diseases that punish the region for centuries.

Today there are four "Cidades do Bem" with medical, dental and eye assistance. Regularly benefiting 9600 families which are receiving food, clothing and medicines. There are projects for agriculture subsistence, the industrialization of cashew nuts, candy making and crafts. In schools, this year designed to benefit 2,000 children, it is estimated to increase to about 10,000. There are centers of transformation and professionalization which host various social actions. This set of benefits can prove that the country and the participation of many people can rescue lives from isolation and misery and cure the most painful realities.

 Visit the "Amigo do Bem" Design

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Friends of the Well

Startec supports the NGO "Amigos do Bem", social responsibility is the duty
of all individuals and all businesses.